Initially, I struggled in driving traffic into my site to build an organic audience. I didn’t want to “buy” traffic or drive traffic from trashy websites — that’s not the audience I was trying to attract and of course, defeats the whole purpose raising an awareness stage for my prospects. So how does a small business build an organic audience?


The first trick I use is LinkedIn article posting. What I started to do — and I noticed it worked based on the analytics — was post my entire article in LinkedIn article posting. I would then share the article on my LinkedIn update. In the article, I would include hyperlinks that link back to the original blog post OR would connect back to my business page, hence, the back links.


The second method I apply are social posts. By creating social media posts that engage and connect with my audience, I organically drive traffic into my site. My social posts are neither a sales pitch nor do they promote discounts or promotions. Always keep the 80/20 rule in mind: 80% engaging and informative, 20% promotional. Rather, they focus on sharing client stories, event pictures, and blog content — almost always accompanied by a video or pic (or in marketing terms: a multimedia asset). I attach a Bitly link to my post at the end of the text post which I noticed does prompt people to click ( I verified with Google Analytics).


If article posting is not your thing, I also love to apply this little trick of mine: include a visually creative signature box and include a link that connects back to your homepage or an article. For example, you can include in your signature box “LATEST POST: HOW TO INCREASE YOUR LEADS ON SOCIAL”. You don’t ever have to sell yourself in an email pitch; the signature box will do that work for you. I also include variation of bold letters and graphics– hyperlinked to my website — in my signature box and I noticed this also prompts people to click to my site.


These are three of my best kept secrets for building an organic audience for your website.  

Of course, there are tons of ways to drive traffic to the site — but I only mention the simplest methods that I know work for me. What other methods have worked for you?