3 Ways to Optimize Your Newsletters

Do email marketing newsletters help small businesses? Of course they do! Newsletters are not obsolete but most of the time, small business owners fail to include the important aspects of a newsletter: Add CTA (call-to-action) buttons. These buttons or graphics prompt the recipient to take action, such as visit the website or opt in to a

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My Top 3 Favorite Productivity Tools

I am obsessed with finding tools that help you streamline your work. Yes, in a sci-fi, idealistic world, I would clone myself to duplicate another Vicky and increase productivity at an exponential rate! We have yet to reach that world. Nevertheless, there is no excuse for finding ways to increase productivity through automation tools. Here are

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3 Simple Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Initially, I struggled in driving traffic into my site to build an organic audience. I didn’t want to “buy” traffic or drive traffic from trashy websites -- that’s not the audience I was trying to attract and of course, defeats the whole purpose raising an awareness stage for my prospects. So how does a small business

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How To Reach Influencers to Share Your Product

Having worked for PRnewswire, one of the first pioneers in wire distribution services, I am a big proponent of traditional PR and I still understand the value of of media outreach. But the reality is: there are so many creative ways to reach media influencers and get the media to cover your story, product, or yourself.

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Five Tips on how to Share Your Blog Content on Social

You research, write it, edit, proofread, and finally produce the final copy: it's your original blog content but no one reads it. As a content creator, I know how much time and research goes into creating original content. Most people make the mistake of publishing blogs online and hope that someday , someone will come across

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The Power of Networking: Proven to Work Techniques

Call me Networking Queen.  I live by this strategy because I truly believe in the power of networking. Let me rephrase that: I believe in the power of genuine relationships. I used to think that clients magically appear at your office door steps or referrals would flood your phone with endless voicemails. This is not the

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If You’re a Small Biz, How do you Improve Your Viz?

You're the new kid on the block, I get it. When you're the newbie, one of your main challenges when prospecting for new clients is visibility.   I've experienced the same challenges-- how do I stand out from a sea of serpents when I'm the little fish in the pond?   Capitalize on obtainable markets --

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#Courage: How to Leap Start Into Entrepreneurship

If you are like the cowardly lion, go back to Oz and ask him for the Tin Man's heart of steel. Of course it takes guts, grit, and gruesome coooourage to do what we do: grind and hustle. First, for most entrepreneurs who are not the recipients of a large sum of inherited wealth, we took

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Reevaluate Your Biz Growth Strategy

Touch down! Yes, yes, yes, and yes! The phrase "Fun in the Sun" will soon be replaced with "Look at the Book"-- I meant your QuickBooks, of course. How productive were you this summer? Did you increase sales or decrease productivity?   As a business owner and mother of a ten-year old pre-teen, I look forward

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Marketing with Zero Dollars

Been there, done that. As an entrepreneur, I know how difficult it is to run a business when you are boot-strapped and penny pinching on your marketing budget. But let's not be too hasty. We've all heard the saying: you got to spend money in order to make money. And although this cliche is as outdated

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The Ugly Truth About The Ugly Truth

Let's set the record straight: being an entrepreneur is NOT for everyone. And just like a singing career and a record label contract to SONY Entertainment, being your own boss should not be something everyone should aspire to become. Sorry if I shattered your China wear, friend, but this is the ugly truth about the ugly truth.

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Excite Me, Baby!

This happens to our team all the time: boredom at the office. I run a small marketing firm with an in-house team of about three people. Each team member is tasked with a conveyor-belt duties that can sometimes seem mundane and downright boring. Sure, we are a young team of millennials eager to do things differently

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Price Points: When is Your Porridge Just Right?

As a small business owner, I've always struggled with price sensitivity. When is the porridge too hot or too cold? Can the porridge be just right?   I've come to the realization that price sensitivity is a matter of mind psychology. Here are some lessons I learned from the merchant's mind:   Even the most aggressive,

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Press Release Distribution and SEO Tips

I apply the same principle that I would when creating blog articles or optimizing a page for a client. Press releases are no different.   Create headlines that catch your eye. I love to use this link (http://coschedule.com/headline-analyzer#) because it allows you to analyze the effectiveness of your headline by using a score sheet and even

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Seven Habits for Successful Entrepreneurs

I’m a millennial so my idea of highly successful habits might seem quite unorthodox to some. Nevertheless, the basic principles of the highly subjective ambiguous phrase “success” remain roughly the same: take care of the mind, the body, and the soul. Here are some of my millennial success habits:   Always take breaks. I can’t seem to sit still.

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My Top Three Dirty Little (Social Media) Secrets!

I'm constantly asked to speak to entrepreneurs on the topic of social media branding. I'm often asked "Can you really get customers from social media?!". And the answer is , "Yes you can, but it doesn't happen overnight". Social media branding is like PR Branding or Business Branding -- the process takes time, dedication, and consistency.

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5 Reasons Why Every Small Business Should Create a YouTube Channel

You’re camera shy, I get it. But did you ever consider the potential videos have on customers?               This alone is reason enough for you to consider adding YouTube videos for your small business.   I know what you might be thinking: too expensive, not a video pro, or not

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Well if You Don’t Know, Well Now You Know.

I remember starting my business as a solo practitioner who believed building an internal team was the only way to grow your business. I was under the pretense that if you build your own team members from within (at the early stages of your business), you would eventually experience teamwork - a euphoria of a somewhat

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Confessions of a Work-a-Holic: The Truth of Entrepreneurship

So this topic is interesting because I left corporate and ventured into my own business , hoping that I would spend more time with my daughter -- but alas, this was my experience which might not necessary reflect the experiences of other women.   I worked for corporate for over six years and finally decided to

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Confessions of a Deeply Disturbed Disadvantaged Woman

Excerpts of article first appeared on Huffington Post   So I've been on the dark side, the deep and desperate dark side of business ownership. I'm a woman and minority owned business so I can attest to the double whammy disadvantage that most women-owned businesses face. Don’t believe me? An American Express report noted that "women-owned businesses

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