You’re camera shy, I get it. But did you ever consider the potential videos have on customers?








This alone is reason enough for you to consider adding YouTube videos for your small business.


I know what you might be thinking: too expensive, not a video pro, or not sure what to talk about. YouTube videos are an inexpensive way to market your business compared to branding videos or a television commercial, not including the cost of television ad placement.


YouTube stars like Michelle Phan, Olajide Olatunji, Lindsey Stirling, and Rosanna Pansino all capitalized on YouTube marketing the minute foresaw that YouTube would be the next global television of the future. These young entrepreneurs each have a networth of well over $3.5 million.


The young 25-year old YouTube, Felix Kjellberg, has a net worth well over $12 million pretax this past year. His job? He shares his video gaming experience with YouTube viewers.


If I can’t convince you enough on the power of video marketing, then I rest my case on the YouTube grave. Otherwise, check out the YouTube videos we created for our client, Starr Therapy in Hoboken, NJ.


Here are five reasons why you should YouTube for your small business:


  • Industry Expert. YouTube videos allow you to position yourself as an industry expert. You don’t have to pitch or sell your products or services in the videos. You simply discuss a topic or problem related to your field. This is why “how to” videos create great content for YouTube. People find your videos because you offer a solution to their problem. You appear like an expert in your field which increases credibility for your business.


  • Google Integration. Google favors YouTube in search engine results for the simple reason that Google owns YouTube. Google spiders will crawl the web and search for videos related to the user’s search phrase. This means that if a user types “how to get rid of stains”, Google will also crawl for videos that relate to that user’s search term. This ultimately increases your Google ranking


  • SEO optimization. Google favors websites with multimedia assets, especially videos. Having videos on your website increase your points with Google because you are telling Google that you offer content to site visitors in a medium of formats. In addition, tagging your YouTube video with the right keywords can increase your Google ranking. This is all part of your SEO strategy.


  • Email Marketing Campaign. Have you ever considered email marketing for your small business? Were you ever stuck on what to write about or what to share with your contacts? YouTube videos are a perfect content to share in email marketing campaigns. If we are talking statistics, emails with videos have a 60% higher open rate than emails without videos. Everyone loves emails with videos.


  • Video Blogging. Sometimes blogging can seem downright tedious. I get it, I’ve been there. But if you produce consistent YouTube videos, you can replace text blogs with video blogs OR do a combination of both. Your YouTube video can serve as your weekly blog post accompanied by a mini recap or bullet list of main points discussed in the video.



I’m telling you, videos get more likes, shares, and views than text posts. Capitalize on the market and learn to use YouTube as a platform to market your business.
Make those millions, baby!