My firm is one of the many media companies in NJ and our team’s job is to drive traffic to landing pages and websites. That’s what our clients pay us, right? Well, many small start-ups do not have the marketing budget to hire a media company in NJ, so I created this blog post for do-it-yourself businesses that want to drive more traffic to the site.

Initially, I struggled with driving traffic to my site to build an organic audience. I didn’t want to “buy” traffic or drive traffic from trashy websites — that’s not the audience I was trying to attract and of course, defeats the whole purpose raising an awareness stage for my prospects. So how does a small business build an organic audience?

5 Simple Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site

TIP #1: The first trick I use is LinkedIn article posting. What I started to do — and I noticed it worked based on the analytics — was post my entire article on LinkedIn as a blog post.  In the article, I would include hyperlinks that link back to the original blog post on my website. 


TIP #2 The second method I apply are social posts. My social posts are neither a sales pitch nor do they promote discounts or promotions. Always keep the 80/20 rule in mind: 80% engaging and informative, 20% promotional. I attach my website link at the end of the post, which I noticed does prompt people to click ( I verified with Google Analytics).


TIP #3 I also love to apply this little trick of mine: include a visually creative signature box and include a link that connects back to your homepage or an article. For example, you can include in your signature box “LATEST POST: HOW TO INCREASE YOUR LEADS ON SOCIAL”.

TIP #4 Sign up for Help A Reporter Out. This is a website that connects journalist with industry experts. The best part is that the platform is free. Journalists send out several queries a day and request for expert advice. If your response is selected, your expert advice and website link will be featured on their website or blog post. This is great for quality page backlinking

TIP #5 Partner with organizations that aligns with your company’s mission or industry. Partnerships not only strengthen business relationships, but they also strengthen your website authority. How? When an organization features your company or you (as industry expert) on their site, they typically add your website link. These organizations have built an audience and naturally, their audience will be curious enough to click on your site link.

These are five of my best-kept secrets for building an organic audience for your website.  

Of course, as one of the many media companies in NJ,  there are tons of ways to drive traffic to the site. What other methods have worked for you?