You’re the new kid on the block, I get it. When you’re the newbie, one of your main challenges is visibility. As one of the several marketing firms in NJ, we understand that our clients want more customers. We wrote this blog post to help small businesses explore ways to get customers.  

5 Ways to Get More Customers

  • Capitalize on obtainable markets — Companies that try to rank high in search engines for nationwide reach have a difficult time than companies who try to target smaller, niche markets. Focus on a specific industry and on a specific market. Begin by targeting online prospects in your local city or county. Slowly, the momentum builds from there.
  • Create a YouTube show – “How-To” videos are hot commodities on YouTube, mainly because users are constantly searching for a solution to their problem explained in visual content. Make sure the content is engaging, educational, and appealing to viewers. BE WARNED: do not try to make this an infomercial about your services. 
  • Activate on social media — Small business often set up a Facebook account with sales-like auto posts — this is not a set-it and forget it solution. Social media is meant to be engaging and cultivate a community of followers. Make sure that your posts engage a conversation or at least prompt a “like”  or “Share” from followers. But most importantly, be sure to respond to your follower’s comments (this increases # of times your post appears on feeds)
  • Become an online celebrity — Obtaining press or media placement is much easier than it used to be ten years ago. Sites like HARO match experts with media outlets, giving small business owners the opportunity to get featured on a blog post. What’s the advantage? Bragging rights, of course! The more you appear as an expert, the more prospects are likely to find you and trust your services. This builds credibility. 
  • Team-up with a local business — My last advice would be to partner with a well-established small business who has a large social media following. Think amplification times 10x. Running a contest or some promotional campaign with a business that compliments your business is one way to amplify your reach, increase your search ranking, and gain new followers.


Remember, the Gary Vaynerchuk, Grand Cardones, and Marie Forleo of the world all understand the power of content. The more valuable content (videos, social posts, media links, articles, images) you publish on the web, the more prospects will find your service. 




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