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My Top 3 Favorite Productivity Tools

My Top 3 Favorite Productivity Tools I am obsessed with finding tools that help you streamline your work. Yes, in a sci-fi, idealistic world, I would clone myself to duplicate another Vicky and increase productivity

5 Simple Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site

My firm is one of the many media companies in NJ and our team's job is to drive traffic to landing pages and websites. That's what our clients pay us, right? Well, many small start-ups

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How To Reach Influencers to Share Your Product

Having worked for PRnewswire, one of the first pioneers in wire distribution services, I am a big proponent of traditional PR and I still understand the value of media outreach. But the reality is: there

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Five Tips on how to Share Your Blog Content on Social

You research, write it, edit, proofread, and finally produce the final copy: it's your original blog content but no one reads it. As a content creator, I know how much time and research goes into

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The Power of Networking: Proven to Work Techniques

Call me Networking Queen.  I live by this strategy because I truly believe in the power of networking. Let me rephrase that: I believe in the power of genuine relationships. I used to think that

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5 Ways to Get More Customers

You're the new kid on the block, I get it. When you're the newbie, one of your main challenges is visibility. As one of the several marketing firms in NJ, we understand that our clients

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