Press Release Distribution and SEO Tips

I apply the same principle that I would when creating blog articles or optimizing a page for a client. Press releases are no different.   Create headlines that catch your eye. I love to use this link (http://coschedule.com/headline-analyzer#) because it allows you to analyze the effectiveness of your headline by using a score sheet and even

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Seven Habits for Successful Entrepreneurs

I’m a millennial so my idea of highly successful habits might seem quite unorthodox to some. Nevertheless, the basic principles of the highly subjective ambiguous phrase “success” remain roughly the same: take care of the mind, the body, and the soul. Here are some of my millennial success habits:   Always take breaks. I can’t seem to sit still.

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My Top Three Dirty Little (Social Media) Secrets!

I'm constantly asked to speak to entrepreneurs on the topic of social media branding. I'm often asked, "Can you really get customers from social media?!". And the answer is, "Yes you can, but it doesn't happen overnight". Social media branding is like PR Branding or Business Branding -- the process takes time, dedication, and consistency.  

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5 Reasons Why Every Small Business Should Create a YouTube Channel

You’re camera shy, I get it. But did you ever consider the potential videos have on customers?               This alone is reason enough for you to consider adding YouTube videos for your small business.   I know what you might be thinking: too expensive, not a video pro, or not

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Well if You Don’t Know, Well Now You Know.

I remember starting my business as a solo practitioner who believed building an internal team was the only way to grow your business. I was under the pretense that if you build your own team members from within (at the early stages of your business), you would eventually experience teamwork - a euphoria of a somewhat

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Confessions of a Work-a-Holic: The Truth of Entrepreneurship

So this topic is interesting because I left corporate and ventured into my own business, hoping that I would spend more time with my daughter -- but alas, this was my experience which might not necessarily reflect the experiences of other women.   I worked for corporate for over six years and finally decided to launch

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Confessions of a Deeply Disturbed Disadvantaged Woman

Excerpts of article first appeared on Huffington Post   So I've been on the dark side, the deep and desperate dark side of business ownership. I'm a woman and minority owned business so I can attest to the double whammy disadvantage that most women-owned businesses face. Don’t believe me? An American Express report noted that "women-owned businesses

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