I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Boss Babes and Bubbly podcast where the ladies of the show dived deep into the topic of branding. The conversation quickly pivoted into branding and how to grow your biz using social media branding tactics.

 Admittingly, I am no branding queen and I am sure far more outperform my branding metrics, but I can confidently say that even as a micro-influencer and brand building practitioner, there are some basic principles to the rule that I can almost guarantee you will see results:

  1. Post on the native platform – It’s now proven that posting on the native platform (FB, IG, Linkedin, etc) increases your post’s organic reach compared to posting on scheduling tools like Hootsuite, Social Sprout, Later, Zoho. It’s an algo thing. 
  2. Master one platform – Don’t overwhelm yourself trying to post on all social platforms. If you enjoy LinkedIn, use it. If you enjoy IG – use it. Use the platform and learn all the features. IG’s favors your posts when you use most of the platform’s features: IGTV, stories, hashtags, video posts. The more you use the tool, the more comfortable you become content creation.
  3.  Build a Community – Traditionally, Brand ambassadors was a term used to describe influencers you had to pay in exchange for a selfie pic or video with your products. That rhetoric has changed. Your best ambassadors are your customers, team members, and supporters. These early adopters become the pioneers to help push your brand’s message. Why? Because they see the value and a sense of belonging. We want to feel inclusive and participatory content that you create has to give us that inclusivity vibe to your supporters. 
  4. Create killer post content – this is where you can kick ass the most and I’ve seen this with the Real Estate Disruptor brand. We spend hundreds of dollars putting together elaborate events but overlook post content material. Invest in a really good videographer and photographer that can create killer post content on your event. This is worth every penny. The content is what captures the experience and builds momentum for subsequent events. It’s what keeps the audience coming for more, and more, and more.