Five Ways to Get Your Post to Reach More Followers

Do you ever feel like you’re spending way too much time finding the right picture and creating the right type of social media description post, yet hardly anyone likes the post or comments on the picture? Well, honey, I know the feeling as an owner of a social media marketing agency. You see the thing with content creation is that you have to also think about the second half: content marketing.


Yes, high quality, value-driven content is important to post on social media and statistically proven to perform better than low-resolution images or sales-pitch posts. But getting the post to reach new followers or more views is just as important as creating the post, especially for a social media marketing agency. Boost post campaigns are helpful and ad or sponsored posts certainly help to reach engagement, but there are other ways to increase post engagement and get more eyeballs on you, your product or service.


Social Media Marketing Agency Tips:

Here are my top five tips that I swear by and I also apply to all my social media posts:


  1. Optimize all your social media posts: Make sure you tag organizations and individuals included in the post. For example, a plain text post reads “ We united for a cause to raise awareness against drunk driving with Mary from Mothers Against Drunk Driving”. An optimized post will read: “ We united for a cause to raise awareness against drink driving with @MaryArthurs from @MADD”. This will notify everyone tagged or mentioned in your post — AMPLIFICATION!
  2. Make sure to reply back to all followers that commented on your post. If you comment or reply back to your commentators, you actually help your post appear higher in the newsfeeds. This is helpful for more eyeballs on that post. Lower means fewer views, but the more you engage, the more you become relevant on the social feeds.
  3. Include your website link on your social media posts that may not be lengthy or that includes an eye-catching picture. People will be drawn to that picture which will arouse curiosity to click on the link included in the post. This is helpful for backlinking but also for drawing more traffic to the website.  
  4. Tag Team on Cross Promotion: This tip can take you some time but it does work! Identify influencers in your industry and ask them to cross promote your content and in return, you will cross-promote their content. Everyone loves a no-cost promotion, so what have you got to lose? Make sure that you tag and optimize if you are cross-promoting content.
  5. Make sure to be inclusive of other’s content and sharing other people’s achievements. Be an advocate for organizations that you truly admire and align with your values. Share the organizations or individuals’ social media posts which could include events, achievements, awards, or media mentions — but genuinely do this without expecting anything in return. Becoming a  genuine advocate for others reversely makes them a fan of your content.


These are tips you should know if you own a social media marketing agency.