When to Hire a Marketing Agency?

Have you considered hiring an NJ marketing agency? Are you currently researching NJ marketing agencies? Many small business owners think that agencies are way out of the budget and too expensive to maintain. Yet, I’ve seen firsthand how many businesses suffer when they either attempt to figure things out or hire freelancers on the job.

These are some key signs that let you know when you are ready to hire marketing professionals and fire all your excuses:

  • If you’ve hired more than two freelancers and they all quit on you midway through the project
  • If the website guy tells you he is also the social media, copywriter, SEO, and marketing expert
  • If you met a guy named Patel on the internet and he promised to get you #1 page on Google
  • If your marketing team sounds like they are from the Philippines or India
  • If you noticed your mobile website looks distorted
  • If you spent too much time on Fiver paying $5 for a graphic design
  • If the guy you hired on Fiver tells you that you can only make one change with the $5 voucher
  • If you spend more than $50 on Fiver trying to make that one edit on a graphic
  • If your social media posts suck and you can admit it
  • If someone told you your social media posts suck – but they tell you with love
  • If you try to do it yourself but you don’t do anything at all
  • If last year’s marketing plan was the same as this year’s marketing plan
  • If what you are doing is not doing anything at all and that hurts more than anything at all


So there you have it. These are just some signs or symptoms that let you know you are ready to look into NJ marketing agencies.


Yes, you guessed it: we are an NJ marketing agency looking to work with small business owners just like you, who are just fed up with trying to figure things out on their own. Yup, we get it.