Meet the visionaries behind SVM

We service clients from all different industries and assist them with their media communication needs, public relations, promotional videos, social media and online marketing, website and graphic design, and SEO optimization campaigns.

We are not that serious, well sort of — we are serious about taking your business to the next level. Social Vibes Media is a media communications and content creation company located in the New York metro area.

A Team Focused On Your Vision.

VICKY LLERENAVicky Llerena, CEO and Director of Communications
Vicky Llerena is SVM’s host, content creator, and public relations strategist. No amateur to the media industry, Vicky brings with her over eight years of experience having worked at Univision WXTV-41, Hudson Media Group, and PRNewswire.

She works with clients to manage all their media communications needs. Aside from managing SVM, Vicky is also an adjunct professor at Saint Peter’s University, New Jersey City Institute of Technology and Hudson County Community College. Vicky is a proud member of the New York Journalism Press Club.

ALEX PEREZAlex Perez – Director of Video Productions
Alex Perez is the company’s executive producer. He brings with him over fifteen years of experience as a tech support specialist, windows system engineer, graphic designer, and music & computer engineer. This tech savvy guy enjoys conceptualizing his creative ideas and creating out-of-the ordinary videos.

When he is not creating videos for SVM, he is lighting his opponents on fire with his Milsig m17 xdc. Not surprisingly, Alex is the co-founder of Team Ghost, a tactical paintball team who strive in sportsmanship, fun, and helping others.

SAMI SAADSami Saad – Director and Videographer
Sami Saad is SVM’s videographer, editor, and team leader. He has interned at SVM, as well as, K-Vibe Studio as a P.A. Sami has been featured as an extra in local indie film Red Scare and was the director of the indie short “Inner Demons”. Sami graduated from New Jersey City University with a B.A in media studies.

Sami thoroughly enjoys photography and playing video games with his friends. He loves media because of his passion for story telling and self –expression. Sami believes that life is not about doing what is easiest but doing what’s right.

MEDIHA SANDHUMediha Sandhu – Creative Digital Designer
Mediha Sandhu is a Digital Media Designer at Social Vibes Media. She has previously worked in web design, photo retouching, and animation. She holds a BFA in New Media and Graphics. Her hobbies include photography, watching movies, food, and illustration. Mediha has a passion for storytelling and all it’s complexities.

She feels that media is an excellent outlet to communicate her passions. She believes that life shouldn’t be filled with regrets and that sticking to your own path, regardless of the outcome of your decisions, is most import in life.