Three Ways to Optimize Your Blog Post

I own a digital marketing agency that provides SEO services in NJ. You can only expect that keeping up with trends and changes is like keeping up with the Kardashians — almost impossible! But, even if algorithms change and Google releases it’s latest SEO rules, there are some basic principles that I always keep in mind that I can prove will improve your blog content and content marketing skills.


Optimize your blogs using SEO


  1. Blog writing is important, but it’s also important to attach the right type of eye-catching picture. Boring, stock images with dark colors and corporate looking people tend to receive less engagement on social platforms and websites. Stick to images that are colorful, include a close-up of elements of people’s faces, or close-up elements of the image. Select stock images that connect to the article but that doesn’t bore the reader. For blog posting, close up images of people perform better than far away images or groups shots.
  2. Make sure to Include a call to action at the end of every blog post. You want your readers to read your article and say “Ah, I want to learn more”. A prominent button — call to action button — should easily prompt a reader to click and learn more. The button might take them to a “contact us” form, which is the ideal scenario. Keep this in mind when considering SEO services in NJ.
  3. If you have writer’s block or stuck on selecting the right type of keywords, try The site gives you tons of trending and creative keywords and key phrases to use. There are other ways to SEO optimize keywords in blogs but UberSuggest is one way to help you get started.


Always remember to keep the blog posts REAL: Relatable, Educational, Accessible, and Legible.

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