What is a Retargeting Campaign?

If you’ve visited my website www.socialvibesmedia.com, you’ve probably seen my ads appear on other websites, even when you exit my page. This is called a Google retargeting campaign. We run a social media marketing agency in New Jersey, so I learned a few tricks of the trade. You will notice my ads continuously appear as you are browsing other websites. Clever – is it not? I’m often asked “Vicky, how do your ads appear everywhere I go? How do you get them to follow me?”

The team, at our social media marketing agency in New Jersey, figured out how to make me appear everywhere without being everywhere (figurately and literally speaking). I run retargeting ads and the ads appear to anyone who visits my website.

What is a retargeting ad?

“As visitors visit the pages you have the pixel on they are added to what is called an “audience.” Moz explains, “This audience is cookied and as they visit other sites in the display networks you are running retargeting ads on, they are shown your ads.”

Retargeting is unique compared to media buying. With retargeting, you only target users that have visited your site and have already been exposed to your brand. This is different than a PPC campaign or media buy campaign. Retargeting guarantees that you only spend ad dollars on people who have previously visited your site. Retargeting engages prospects with your brand and does not immediately hit them with ads in the first stages of the buying funnel. Instead, it waits until prospects have willingly visited your site and exposes them to an ad in the second stages of the buying funnel. Naturally, this feels less intrusive for the prospect.

Retargeting campaigns — when used with a strategic sales funnel system — help keep your prospects engaged. Retargeting ads have also helped me turn my cold leads into warm leads. The prospect has engaged with a social post or email, visited my site, and been exposed to my ad several times. This lead becomes warm enough to introduce a B2B conversation in a very natural, organic way. This is how we do business and social media marketing in New Jersey.

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