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When to Hire a Marketing Agency? Have you considered hiring an NJ marketing agency? Are you currently researching NJ marketing agencies? Many small business owners think that agencies are way out of the budget and too expensive to maintain. Yet, I’ve seen firsthand how many businesses suffer when they either attempt to figure things out or hire […]

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What is a Retargeting Campaign? If you’ve visited my website, you’ve probably seen my ads appear on other websites, even when you exit my page. This is called a Google retargeting campaign. We run a social media marketing agency in New Jersey, so I learned a few tricks of the trade. You will notice my ads […]

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Creating Buyer Personas that Target your Clients As an NJ SEO services company in NJ, I teach small business owners on  “buyer personas”. I always advise small business owners, before launching a social media campaign, it is important to create and understand buyer personas. What are buyer personas? Buyer personas are fictitious characters that are assigned […]

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Three Ways to Optimize Your Blog Post I own a digital marketing agency that provides SEO services in NJ. You can only expect that keeping up with trends and changes is like keeping up with the Kardashians — almost impossible! But, even if algorithms change and Google releases it’s latest SEO rules, there are some basic […]


Do email marketing newsletters help small businesses? Of course they do! Newsletters are not obsolete but most of the time, small business owners fail to include the important aspects of a newsletter: Add CTA (call-to-action) buttons. These buttons or graphics prompt the recipient to take action, such as visit the website or opt in to a […]

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I am obsessed with finding tools that help you streamline your work. Yes, in a sci-fi, idealistic world, I would clone myself to duplicate another Vicky and increase productivity at an exponential rate! We have yet to reach that world. Nevertheless, there is no excuse for finding ways to increase productivity through automation tools. Here are […]

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You’re the new kid on the block, I get it. When you’re the newbie, one of your main challenges is visibility. As one of the several marketing firms in NJ, we understand that our clients want more customers. We wrote this blog post to help small businesses explore ways to get customers.   5 Ways to Get More […]


Touch down! Yes, yes, yes, and yes! The phrase “Fun in the Sun” will soon be replaced with “Look at the Book”– I meant your QuickBooks, of course. How productive were you this summer? Did you increase sales or decrease productivity?   As a business owner and mother of a ten-year old pre-teen, I look forward […]


Been there, done that. As an entrepreneur, I know how difficult it is to run a business when you are boot-strapped and penny pinching on your marketing budget. But let’s not be too hasty. We’ve all heard the saying: you got to spend money in order to make money. And although this cliche is as outdated […]


Let’s set the record straight: being an entrepreneur is NOT for everyone. And just like a singing career and a record label contract to SONY Entertainment, being your own boss should not be something everyone should aspire to become. Sorry if I shattered your China wear, friend, but this is the ugly truth about the ugly truth. […]

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This happens to our team all the time: boredom at the office. I run a small marketing firm with an in-house team of about three people. Each team member is tasked with a conveyor-belt duties that can sometimes seem mundane and downright boring. Sure, we are a young team of millennials eager to do things differently […]