This happens to our team all the time: boredom at the office. I run a small marketing firm with an in-house team of about three people. Each team member is tasked with conveyor-belt duties that can sometimes seem mundane and downright boring. Sure, we are a young team of millennials eager to do things differently at the office, but unfortunately, that doesn’t take away the feeling of routine that overpowers how mentality at the office. Here’s what I learned to say bye-bye to boredom:


  1. Coffee Breaks — literally. I sometimes tell my team members to pack up and leave the office. “Where are we headed?” To a coffee shop, of course. I know we have the convenience of working from our office suite but sometimes staring at the same four walls can make the day appear mundane. Coffee shops create a different environment and lift the spirit.


  1. Make colorless days colorful days. I haven’t tried this one but I’ve seen it work at other companies I’ve worked for. Have a day where you team members wear wacky clothing attire. Create some sort of theme for them and take pictures of your team members to share on social media. How imaginative can your team members get? Who can out-dress the other? Can you include a price that will motivate your team members to participate?


  1. Have bi-weekly or weekly meetings. I cannot stress how important team meetings are to your business. Team meetings make members feel inclusive, create open spaces, and give others the opportunity to feel valued in the group. If you’ve never started a team meeting, begin with “Start, Stop, and Continue”. What can we start (innovate ideas), what can we stop (identify obstacles) and what should we continue (value good work)?


  1. Kick Yourself Out Your Office. Involve yourself and your team members to participate in community events. This is especially important to millennial employees who want to feel that they are making a contribution to the world. We all want to be a part of a positive cause and mark our footprints on this earth. Simple events like volunteer day, business expos, or trade shows make everyone in your team feel that they are part of a bigger cause.

All these ideas are simple to implement and require very little money. We all have those lackluster, mind-numbing days but a little bit of spontaneous seasoning can get us all to reactivate our productive brains.