I’m constantly asked to speak to entrepreneurs on the topic of social media branding. I’m often asked, “Can you really get customers from social media?!”. And the answer is, “Yes you can, but it doesn’t happen overnight”. Social media branding is like PR Branding or Business Branding — the process takes time, dedication, and consistency.


Here are my topic three social media savvy tips (and they don’t require a penny):


  • Personality – Every brand needs personality but often personality is confused with pretty pictures and logos that don’t make any sense to prospects. In its most basic sense, think about the human connection. Do we connect with companies or people? Every once in awhile, post pictures of your team, yourself, your customers, or events/ trade shows you attend. Humanize your brand — be organic!
  • Tag Away – I’m often at networking events, large conferences, and trade shows. I love snapping selfies and pics at the events and sharing them on my social streams. This shows prospects how active I am or how active the business is. But I also strategically tag those in the pics — think amplification. The message is amplified 10x if I tag 10 people at the event. The obvious outcome occurs: more people see the post, my business, and become curious about what services I provide.
  • Video Blogging — I see this more and more in social streams: video blogging. The process may seem complicated but it’s really not. Create these 30 sec videos and talk about a topic that relates to your industry. Upload on social streams and tag or share with friends or business folks. If you’re consistent, you will begin to see an organic growth of views/impression. C’mon — don’t be camera shy!
  • Create Brand Ambassadors — Identifying your top engaged social media followers is key to spreading your social media posts. Organically, your good content will increase in likes, shares, and impressions. But what furthers greater reach is friends, family, and 100% loyal and happy customers share your content. ASK your network of influence to share your content – 9 times out of 10 people will be receptive to this request.

Try these techniques and let me know how it works out.