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3 Ways to Optimize Your Newsletters

3 Ways to Optimize Your Newsletters Do email marketing newsletters help small businesses? Of course they do! Newsletters are not obsolete but most of the time, small business owners fail to include the important aspects of a newsletter: Add CTA (call-to-action) buttons. These buttons or graphics prompt the recipient to take action, such as visit the

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My Top 3 Favorite Productivity Tools

My Top 3 Favorite Productivity Tools I am obsessed with finding tools that help you streamline your work. Yes, in a sci-fi, idealistic world, I would clone myself to duplicate another Vicky and increase productivity at an exponential rate! We have yet to reach that world. Nevertheless, there is no excuse for finding ways to increase

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5 Simple Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site

My firm is one of the many media companies in NJ and our team's job is to drive traffic to landing pages and websites. That's what our clients pay us, right? Well, many small start-ups do not have the marketing budget to hire a media company in NJ, so I created this blog post for do-it-yourself

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