Video Production: Organic Videos vs. High Production Videos

Creating content can seem very expensive to many small business owners. Not only is content creation time consuming, but it can seem downright expensive. When I’m asked to speak to entrepreneurs at social media workshops, I’m often asked if investing in a high-quality video is the right move to make as a small startup. I own a video production marketing agency in New Jersey, and you can only expect that I can blindly enumerate the various benefits of creating a professional video. Nevertheless, investing in a high-quality video really depends on the goal and purpose of your campaign.


When should you invest in a high-quality video:

  • When you want to publish a branding video on your homepage
  • When you have to attend a trade show event
  • When you need to provide your sales team with marketing material
  • When you have over $1K to invest in a branding video
  • When you are trying to look better than your competitors
  • When you want to run the video as an ad campaign


When should you keep your video content organic:

  • When you are constantly posting social media videos on Facebook or Instagram
  • When you do not have over $1K to invest in a high-quality video
  • When you have fun content to showcase: high energy team, client testimonials, event happenings
  • When your clients rave about your service and they don’t mind sharing a video testimonial
  • When you have a ton of videos on your phone –  related to your business
  • When you attend several business events a month


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