Standing in the Hall of Fame: Get Up, You Lazy Bum

I am absolutely obsessed with the song by Will.I.Am titled “Standing in the Hall of Fame” simply because the entire premise of the song rests on the idea of being persistent, dedicated, and motivated at all times. This is exactly what every entrepreneur ought to be, right? Persistent, dedicated, and motivated — ah yes, these are words I uttered to myself when I started my own video production company in NJ. But really, what do these words mean? I mean, they are glamoured adjectival words that we know — as entrepreneurs — we are supposed to be. So we always tell ourselves and those around us that we went into this entrepreneurial journey because we are persistent, dedicated, and motivated. Have you ever echoed these words when you share your entrepreneurial journey as an owner of a video production company in NJ or in another industry?


There is another line the music video for the song “Standing in the Hall of Fame” delivered by an old lady yelling at her son, “Get up, you lazy bum!”. No mercy, no pity, no disruption or stutter in the delivery of her line, just simple “ Get up, you lazy bum!”. Well, this is the reality of entrepreneurship. Self admittedly, this is something I struggled with and struggle with all the time. It’s called accountability with time management.


Accountability and Time Management


You think you have all the time in the world when you are your own boss.  When you leave the 9-5 or your corporate job, you really lose a sense of time. Your old job required a specific amount of hours from you and you owned a sense of accountability in completing tasks to your boss. But when you don’t have a boss over you, you lose a sense of accountability. And when you lose a sense of accountability, you lose a sense of time-management.


When I started my video production company in NJ, it was very difficult to figure out what was important and what wasn’t. What am I spending too much time on? Am I spending too much time on my Instagram? Do I spend too much time on lunch meetings? Do I come to the office late or leave early?


So, I tell myself from time to time “Get up, you lazy bum!”. If you lose accountability then you begin to procrastinate and push tasks to last minute or focus on unnecessary tasks. It happens to me from time to time; I have to refocus on finding my mojo once again to provide the best services as video production company in NJ. I also learned to create lists and items columns on tasks that are important and not-so-important. Setting up a calendar has always helped me stick to deadlines and not forget important meetings or events. And finally, I learned that teaming up with business friends that help you remain accountable also helped me stay focused. Procrastination is a disease entrepreneur suffer from time to time, but from one entrepreneur to another, I tell you, “Get up you lazy bum!”


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