You research, write it, edit, proofread, and finally produce the final copy: it’s your original blog content but no one reads it. As a content creator, I know how much time and research goes into creating original content. Most people make the mistake of publishing blogs online and hope that someday, someone will come across their content and read their insight article — well honey, that ain’t the truth!

The truth is blog content becomes more visible when shared on other platform and social media is one strategy on increasing views for your blog content. Here are five tips on how to share your blog content on social :


Instagram stories – Screenshot the image of your blog and make sure it features an image and the title of the blog. You also want to include a text that reads “Check out blog post”. People will know they need to go to the site to read the latest blog post


Instagram Post  – Post a picture of the featured blog post (throw a filter on it)  and write a short description of the blog, along with “Read blog by clicking on link in bio”. Keep in mind that Instagram does not allow links published on posts so you will have to add the link in the bio of your Instagram profile


Facebook – Make sure to include a visually attractive image on the Facebook post and write a small blurb reflecting your thoughts on the subject matter — make it personal — and include a link to the blog post. People are more likely to click on the link if the post resonates with them.


Facebook – You can also create the blog post on Facebook and tag five people that you think will benefit from reading your post. Remember, it has to be content that educates or entertains the mind — not sales copy content. Ask people to give you feedback on the blog.


Twitter – Keep the tweet short and sweet. Make sure you include a visually attractive picture and use bitly to shorten the blog URL. Instead of posting the title of the blog – write text that might entice people to click on the link. So if my article title reads “5 ways to increase blog views using social media “, my tweet can read “I got 100x blog views in one day using Facebook”.
There are so many other strategies you can try, including paid advertising but try these tactics to get you started on sharing blog content.